Sunday, January 11, 2015


Yesterday I had the chance to sit in on an etching workshop taught by Steven Chapp.  I used a sketch I'd done at lunch the day before.  The technique is known as "drypoint intaglio," a fancy way to describe tracing our image onto plexiglass, inking it, and running it through a press.  Cool process, and educational.  It was held at if Art Gallery in Columbia, where an exhibit of Chapp's work can be seen.  

Walker O. Cain

While at my mother's over the holidays, I came across these Christmas cards from an architect friend of my grandparents.  Walker O. Cain worked for the firm McKim, Mead and White in New York, and later headed the firm in its last iteration, Walker O. Cain Associates.  I remember seeing these growing up, but never put together who had done them.  They remain inspirational pieces: