Monday, October 12, 2015

DC 2015

Back in DC for an NCARB meeting.  Incredible weather, leaving the floodwaters of South Carolina behind.  

Franklin Square with a statue of Admiral John Barry, though they all look like George to me.

On the way to the Washington Studio School for an open figure drawing session, I stopped into this bistro above DuPont Circle.

The view from my hotel, the Public Library, though every time I tried to go in, it was closed for a private event.  The Convention Center is beyond.

The Capitol dome under renovation.

Louis Farrakhan addressing a capacity crowd on the Mall for the anniversary of the Million Man March.  Though his rhetoric was inflammatory, the crowd seemed mostly interested in enjoying the incredible weather.  He did pique my interest when he said that the recent flooding in Columbia, South Carolina was God's retribution.

Just down the street from our hotel was the National Portrait Gallery, the old Patent Office designed by Robert Mills.  The interior courtyard is covered by a latticework by Norman Foster.

On this trip I received more comments from passersby about my sketching.  The drawing that received the most praise is below, done by my five year old daughter.  It's my favorite, as well.