Monday, June 5, 2017

Almost Heaven

Went to Maryland/ Virginia/ West Virginia for a wedding this past weekend.  It is a beautiful area with an endless density of villages and historic structures.

Potomac River and Highway 15 bridge from Point of the Rocks, looking southwest. This is just east of Harper's Ferry and along the historic route of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

From the porch of King Street Coffee in Leesburg, VA, looking north.

Wedding venue at The Barn at York Hill. The farm is still run by the same family that established it in the mid-eighteenth century. Originally a tobacco farm, it converted to hay production in the early nineteenth century. The barn sketched above was built in 1812 for hay storage. Vertical slits in the stone walls aerated the hay to prevent heat build up and spontaneous combustion. The wedding reception was held inside the barn, and the narrow slits letting in daylight had an almost modern effect.

The farm today is a productive apple and peach orchard and small vineyard.

Inside the barn during toasts.