Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Roseneath Farm

The old home place, once a farm, now in the middle of the small town that grew around it. The house was built in 1919 by a timber man, who, from his tree farms, picked the pines to be used in its construction. My grandparents moved there in 1934. My mother lives there today.

My grandmother named the place Roseneath Farm after the peninsula in Scotland from which her g-great grandmother, Catherine Campbell had come. A highly romanticized account of Catherine Campbell's immigration and life in the New World is given in Gerald Johnson's By Reason of Strength. Johnson was a cousin of my grandmother's, and took a few liberties with Catherine's lineage. Though the book has Catherine as the daughter of the Duke of Argyle, in fact her origins were more humble, closer to those of the family into which my grandmother married, the McLeods. I told a bit of that story in a previous post titled Over the Sea to Skye.